What’s your Affirmation for 2021?

If you haven’t already done so, go ahead and pick a card from the image below, then scroll further down to read the results.

Before going into the results, I just want to share a little more about what affirmations are and how to use them effectively. Think of an affirmation as words of power…similar to words said in a prayer or in spellwork. These words are said with meaning and intention, and therefore open a door of opportunity for you. Affirmations are best stated at the beginning and end of every day, so you can begin and end with power. As well, state them every time you feel that you need a boost from those words.

And now the results…

If you chose Card 1…your 2021 affirmation is…

“I know my Worth”

If you’re currently single, have hope because new love is on the horizon, but in order to receive someone you are worthy of, you need to feel worthy. You are guided to tap in to your self-worth. There was a story you created at some point in your life, where you convinced yourself you weren’t good enough; you weren’t perfect enough, or you couldn’t give enough. You have to be and feel enough now, just as you are.

Be grounded in the present and what is, and find your inner and outer beauty here. What do you love about yourself now? As well, find ways to honor yourself and treat yourself with respect. However it is you see and treat yourself is how others will see and treat you. Your life is a mirror, so make sure you only perceive the beauty within and all around you. A simple shift in perspective is what will help you find the path which will lead you towards Love.

As well, if you are in a relationship, you’ll want to assess whether the person you are with values, honors, and respects you. Once you begin to empower yourself and know your worth, the people and world around you will reflect that. This means you may have to consider whether the person you are with is worthy of you and your love.

Lastly, self-worth and self-empowerment are more than just about romance, they apply to your life in general. Once you can tap in to your personal power you will receive better jobs, opportunities, clients…life will feel more fulfilling as a whole.

If you chose Card 2…your 2021 affirmation is…

“I Surrender for my Highest Good”

Many of you are currently in relationships which no longer serve you; they could be toxic and you are feeling like you don’t know how to end it. You are feeling trapped by this situation and it is causing extreme anxiety. For many of you, this could apply to a separation or divorce in the works and it has felt like an uphill battle.

You are being asked to Trust that everything is unfolding as it needs to. The more you try to force, manipulate, or control the situation, the more wound up you’ll feel. You can’t control what others do or think. Rather than place your focus on what you think is happening, learn to surrender to the will of the Divine. Spirit is showing you the way out of the trap.

For some of you this doesn’t apply to a relationship but instead how you interact with the world. It has been a ‘you against the world’ type of situation. You are used to seeing the worst case scenarios and for a while have used that to your advantage, but now this “tick” has turned against you. In fact this neurosis and anxiety has turned your life into a nightmare of your own making. You won’t be able to get out of that mental prison alone. You need help.

Your perspective is muddled and now you need a fresh and outer perspective to clear your mind. If you do this, you will find the balance and focus you need to move forward. Besides seeking help from mental health professionals, such as therapists, also consider connecting to Source; to your spiritual family for support. Going inward will greatly help improve your outer experience.

You can overcome this; don’t lose hope.

If you chose Card 3…your 2021 affirmation is…

“I am Protected and Divinely Directed”

Make your moves in secret this year. You’ll want to be very careful and discerning of who you share with, and also what you share. Not everyone is on your side. Not everyone will be happy about your successes. In fact, the more open you are the more vulnerable you will be to betrayal. This is not to cause fear or paranoia, but rather just to bring to your awareness.

You’ll want to be especially cautious with matters surrounding money. Before signing any contracts have an expert set of eyes review them. Before going into a financial partnership with someone (let’s say a business partner) make sure you have clear agreements created. As well, any ideas or opportunities you receive to boost your income, keep them to yourself. You’ll want to be less visible, especially on social media. Again it’s all about awareness. You are also advised to be cautious even with your loved ones, because there’s someone in your circle who does not have your best interest at heart.

Be careful of greed and becoming stingy with your material possessions. While yes you want to be careful about what you share, you still want to be in alignment with Abundance, so be charitable and do so often.

Cut the cords to any negativity or shade anyone throws your way by clearing your energy regularly. You can do so in any number of ways, including using tools such as Holy Water. There are many resources on how to cleanse your energy, so do a quick search on Pinterest for tips.

Lastly, don’t be the one who is envious of others. It’s very easy to be critical and throw shade someone else’s way. Whatever you do comes back to you, and that applies to anyone else who may be sending harm your way. Stay in your lane, which is divinely directed, and what is yours will make its way to you.

Did you connect with your affirmation for 2021? Let me know in the comments.

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