Daily Tarot Reading-01/02/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Rest easy knowing that your assets are safe. Your homes are safe. Many of you are concerned about your finances, and your fears are valid being that we are all experiencing uncertain times. But know that gifts are on the way. For many the current government stimulus will be very helpful, as well other forms of income are on the way to you.

Many of you will receive blessings from unexpected sources. Be grateful, and use those gifts wisely. Plus don’t forget to also tithe, in order to remain in the flow of abundance. Follow your intuition, as you are being led to new sources of money–if you feel guided to apply for a certain job, for example, go for it. Pay attention to the signs and guidance received at this time.

There’s nothing more for you to “do” right now, other than be open to receive. Receive, and Trust in Spirit. Trust that your needs will be met and are taken care of. Be flexible on how the help arrives and what form it takes. This is an exciting moment of new opportunities and prosperity, and you are aligned.

For those of you needing extra support and comfort while you go through these uncertain financial times, ask for it from your spiritual families. Ask for them to send you signs of reassurance. On a personal note, I have experienced financial hardships more times than I can count. As soon as I began turning my troubles over to the Divine, I experienced rapid miraculous shifts. This business for example, Blessed Manifestation, was the product of a Divine nudge. Spirit is always willing to help you, just ask. One of the many energies I work with is St. Jude Thaddeus (SJT), whenever I need a boost in my income. SJT has come through for me every single time I have dedicated a novena to him.

For those who don’t know, St. Jude is the Saint for difficult or impossible causes, and is perfect to call upon when in a bind. Many worldwide have prayed to him and have firsthand testimonies of his miracles. A novena is a prayer chain done for nine consecutive days. You can find prayers to St. Jude here. The novena I specifically use can be found on the highlight in my Instagram account (I have one for St. Jude). Have faith that your prayers will be answered, whether you pray to SJT or not.

You are worthy of being helped, and you will receive it.

Have a blessed day all!

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