Daily Tarot Reading-01/04/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Today is a wonderful opportunity to gain insight and clarity. You have the wisdom the cut through any BS that comes your way, including any you have told yourself.

The Queen of Swords likes to keep it real. She will tell you the truth and will give it to you straight, even if it hurts. She values honesty and asks that you be honest with yourself and others. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by emotions lately, find grounding in logic today. Rather than assume on anything or anyone, make decisions based on the facts and what is real and true.

Before entering into any agreements make sure you have all of the details upfront, and it would be wise to seek the advice of a professional, such as an attorney before signing anything. You want to make informed decisions. With respect to matters of love, some of you may still be clinging on to a past fling, and the Queen wants you to know, move on–there’s nothing more for you there. Be honest with yourself about any thoughts or emotions which need to be brought to light; talk to someone or write about it, anything to bring any self-denial out of the shadows.

With today’s crystal clear clarity it may be easier for you to move forward with any previously stalled decisions or opportunities, especially if you’ve been experiencing confusion and indecisiveness. You’ll also have a smoother time of assessing whether someone else is being deceitful to you or trying to trick you. Unfortunately because of a global sense of financial uncertainty, the scammers are out like never before. If you feel there’s something off, follow your instincts. Don’t rush into anything. Don’t fall for any “get rich quick” schemes or “too good to be true” jobs, or clients. Take it slow and steady as you move on this new path.

Have a blessed day all!

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