Daily Tarot Reading-01/06/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Changes are coming, ready or not. New choices will have to be made, but you have all the tools and resources to make the best decisions for your highest good.

You will be tempted to try to control the circumstances around you, and the people involved. But remember that the more you try to hold on to what was, the more challenging this transition will be for you. The woman on today’s card knows there is a new journey before her. She looks on at the world in her palm, knowing she will have to let it go, in order to move on to better things. But she holds that staff for grounding and to serve as a reminder to be flexible, since it is the staff which is not fastened to the wall. She is willing to adapt with the coming changes.

If you have to choose between two or more choices, go with the option where there will be the most growth and opportunity for you. Focus on expansion and trying new things. Try something different. Also take your time with this decision. This is not the time to rush through the process, but rather to savor the moment. Be content where you are right now, while you prepare for the next adventure.

Partnerships or strategic alliances will be opportune at this time. Align yourself with individuals who help you grow; who can help take your dreams to the next level. Endeavors with two or more people may be more successful versus going it alone, but be the leader of the group. Don’t be afraid to grow into the leader you already are, and delegate what needs to be done. For some of you this means accepting a position of leadership you don’t feel quite prepared for; trust that you are. Go for it!

Have a blessed day all!

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