Daily Tarot Reading-01/07/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Cat spirit is here today to remind us just how resilient we are, and also that we have all of the resources we need to make the best decisions–all we need to do is contemplate on our next moves.

Cats are agile and cunning. They move swiftly, but quietly; pouncing on their unexpected prey. Whatever it is you want to attain you can have, as long as you create a strategy to ensure a successful outcome. Quietly create your plan of ‘attack’–make your moves in secret and don’t divulge your steps to anyone, at least not yet. While your dreams are still fresh and new, you’ll want to keep them to yourself, or share with only the most trusted individuals who will partner on the path with you.

Be patient and observe the world around you; look between the lines and use the power of feline sight to see what others can’t. Soon there will be an advantageous moment to move forward but for now, sit with your plans until it’s time for action.

Approach every situation cautiously, but not with fear. You just want to make sure you’re getting the whole picture before making a decision. For some of you, the time will come when you’ll be presented with potential investment opportunities, especially if you’ve recently come in to some money. It is wise to invest and make your money grow, but don’t just jump in to the first attractive opportunity that presents itself. Do some research or even consult a professional.

This is a time of plenty; enjoy your gifts but don’t squander them all away. Save some, invest some, enjoy some. If you’ve been waiting on the government stimulus to help you out, I advise you to first pay off what’s most necessary but still save some and invest some. Use this stimulus, and any other source of income, wisely. Create a budget for yourself; one that has helped me is the 50-30-20 pyramid–50 percent of your income goes towards bills and necessary expenses, such as health expenses. 30 percent goes towards personal expenses, such as a manicure for example, and lastly 20 percent for savings. I would even use some of my personal money to tithe; giving always opens the door to receiving.

If you’ve been wanting to start a business, this would also be a good time to begin creating a business plan and the structure for it. Whatever you plan strategically now will bear fruit in the future.

Have a blessed day all!

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