Daily Tarot Reading-01/08/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! I think many of us are still feeling the impact of what transpired at the US Capitol building, for many reasons. If you are energy sensitive, you may feel tired and overwhelmed. We are all tired and overwhelmed of so many things. I asked Saint Michael to share some comforting words with us today.

For those of you unfamiliar with Saint Michael, this loving presence is all about protection. If you need a spiritual warrior by your side, calling on St. Michael can help you feel instantly safer and grounded. Saint Michael is also a guardian of the Akashic Records–the records of your lifetimes, and can show you what you need to know about things such as gifts you brought with you from another experience. Today St. Michael wants you to know that everything you feel is valid. Whatever you feel towards yourself, or others, honor those emotions. Listen to them for guidance. These feelings can give you a greater understanding of yourself and your place in this world.

Your intuition is accurate at this time, so trust your gut. If you feel like you need to step away from social media or the news for a while, trust that. Allow yourself to be guided to your truest self; the you who is confident, speaks up about their needs, and goes for what they want. All of the changes you’ve been experiencing are part of that journey to help you tap in to your highest self, so trust this process of change and growth. Ask St. Michael to give you the courage to continue moving forward on this adventure called life.

Collectively we are all grieving. We’re grieving the lives and dreams we thought we wanted, the jobs and relationships lost, the people we lost…we lost one sense of “normal” and are shifting to a new experience. Change is never “easy” or subtle, and yet it is necessary. So allow yourself to process everything you are feeling and thinking. Everything is valid and worth it. While you experience this metamorphosis, which can feel intense, scary, or even painful at times, know that you are always loved and protected. Know that you are never alone. Trust this unfolding of the person you thought you were, and most importantly, trust Spirit.

Have a blessed day all!

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