Daily Tarot Reading-01/10/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Close your eyes, take a deep breath and repeat after me: “New Normal”. We’ve been experiencing many changes to our lives and daily routines; you will begin to feel the shifts starting in the body, and in our physical realities.

Typically the start of the new year motivates many of us to focus on self-care and health. There is a strong Virgo energy pushing us towards perfecting our bodies and outwardly image. If you haven’t already been thinking about a new diet, or fitness plan, you soon will. As well, you may have noticed your body isn’t quite like before. Maybe certain foods that you used to eat with no problem now give you digestive issues, or maybe you recently learned you’re allergic to something new. You can get upset but don’t stay there. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and quickly affirm “New Normal”. Yes, we are all heading towards new ways of being and living. And no, there’s no going back to what once was. Learn to pivot and quickly adapt to the wave of rapid changes, so you don’t lose your footing.

Because we have re-entered into the Aquarian age, you may want to consider new methods and approaches; things you’ve never tried or considered before. If you’ve tried more traditional approaches, consider something more modern or even “new age”; trying herbal remedies versus prescription, try yoga instead of cycling–pay attention to the signals your body is sending you so you can be aligned to receive the best care. Explore, do research, and analyze what works, or doesn’t. Know this, we are at a very auspicious moment for healing, so if you’ve been struggling with a condition, now would be a wonderful time to try something different. Great and even miraculous healing is possible.

On the outside, in the world, we’ll collectively see a kind of “second coming” of the 60’s–a newer “new age”, greater humanitarian pursuits, and innovations to benefit us all (or frack us all…stay tuned). We’ll have a greater understanding and interest of the “unseen”–the supernatural or paranormal. Spiritual grounding will be important; you don’t need to be religious to be spiritual, but you will want to align yourself with a spiritual foundation. Try new spiritual practices; connect with gurus and healers you look up to, for guidance, but always find your own path towards enlightenment. Having a spiritual foundation will help to boost your Faith during these changes, which at times could feel quite intense.

Lastly, I’ve been informing you these past few weeks of new money and income coming your way. You can now use some of this windfall to invest in yourself; in your health. I love going to get acupuncture, for example, but it is not covered by my insurance. I invest in myself as much as I can, and you’ll be able to do so as well. Don’t let your health be determined by what your insurance can pay for, or what the doctors/practitioners say isn’t for you. If you’ve noticed a stall in your healing, it’s time to try something new. Your health is your greatest asset; take care of it.

Have a blessed day all!

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