Daily Tarot Reading-01/11/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Continue to make decisions based on facts and logic, versus assumptions and misinformation. It is too easy to believe what your mind tells you, remember who is actually in charge–You!

Don’t believe everything you think. The You who is observing your thoughts is the You you need to listen to. He or She will analyze and process the information your brain is creating, to determine if it is false or accurate. Be discerning about what you choose to accept as real, but most importantly keep your decisions simple.

Ground yourself in Truth to help you out of anxious and fear-based thoughts that may be swirling around your mind. Panic is at an all-time high, so take time today to check-in with yourself. How are your feeling? What is triggering you? What are your goals for today? Don’t overwhelm yourself with tasks to accomplish–pick the options that are on the straightest and easiest paths today. It’s that simple. If you don’t feel like going to work today, don’t. If you don’t feel like going outside, don’t. Don’t think too much about what you should be doing. Keep it light and easy.

You’ll find strength and security today in the easy, and even the fun. Go for the things that bring you relief today. If that means staying in bed and retreating from the world, then do that. Self-care is the priority. Address what you need to help you feel the most comforted and supported, and let that be your task for the day. Doing this will smooth the knots in your mind, to give you a clearer perspective for tomorrow.

Have a blessed day all!

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