Daily Tarot Reading-01/14/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Today keep your mind focused on what you want to receive and create. The New Moon’s energy is amplifying our intentions, so only send out the energy you want to receive back.

You will be receiving signs and messages of alignment, if you haven’t already. Spirit is confirming to you that all is well, and you will receive what you need and more. In order to stay on path, use tools such as mantras or affirmations, or any other resource at your disposal, to keep your vibes high. This may also include other people who are helping you co-create–hold each other accountable in order to manifest the best outcome. If anyone comes to you today with negative vibes, tell them to save the drama for their mama…avoid them today so they won’t throw you off course.

You are also always co-creating with Spirit–give thanks and be aware of how you are being guided. Follow Spirit’s lead to receive the best answers to your prayers. One of the best ways to help Spirit move things along for you, is to stay out of their way. Or stay out of your own way. We all have the capacity to self-sabotage, so besides focusing on what you want, learn to detach from the outcome. Don’t worry about how or when your desire will manifest, or what form it will take…it will be perfect. The outcome is not up to you, so let that go. Detaching can help you not become obsessive or manipulative, which could cause some mis-manifestation (manifesting what you don’t want). Don’t force anything to happen; the Universe is all about going with the flow.

You’ve successfully planted the seeds, now give them room to grow. Think of how frustrating it would be if a gardener went to check on their seeds every hour, for signs of saplings. You have to allow nature to run its course in Divine timing. Relax, it’s coming! If you have extra energy to take action, then do it for the good of your desire. Take baby steps, such as brushing up your resume if you want a new job. Or asking a friend for guidance on a fitness plan they tried, which caught your eye. You don’t need to make big movements today–you’re on stable ground and everything is working out as it should.

Have a blessed day all!

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