Daily Tarot Reading-01/18/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Today’s card serves as a reminder to always make a conscious choice; remain aware of the why behind the decisions you make.

Some choices may feel familiar, and if this is the case, ask yourself if you want to receive more of the same. If you’ve been down a similar path then you’ll most likely receive similar results. Seriously ask yourself if you are choosing more of the same because you really think this time will be different, or because you’d rather go with the “safe” choice. There’s no right or wrong here, instead we’re talking about detours. How quickly do you want to reach your desired outcome? Will the chosen path lead you there any faster?

You are currently in alignment, but may soon be encountering a fork in the road. These moments of pause allow us to consider if the direction we’re heading towards is the choice we still want. We have the free will to choose whichever path to take. The one you are currently on is the path of destiny. If you walk at just the right pace, you will receive the enlightenment you’ve been seeking. But if you happen to miss this opportunity, not to worry–another one will present itself in due time.

If you’re torn between two choices, consider which one brings you the most sense of joy now. Which one fuels the fire within, at the present moment? If you can’t decide on your own, help is on the way. You will soon meet or have met someone who can help. Consider speaking with this person for guidance; they may share some words of wisdom that will give you that AHA! moment.

Don’t rush into any choice, even if it feels exciting. Give yourself time to really consider which option is best for you. With us soon entering the shadow period of a Mercury retrograde, you will really want to take things slow. The moment will soon come for you to take that leap. Trust in your self and in this process.

Have a blessed day all!

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