Daily Tarot Reading-01/24/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Today is all about looking for answers within. You have access to a vast fountain of knowledge within yourself, most of which has gone untapped. The High Priestess is guiding us all to go on spiritual quest for what we need–answers, solutions, and miracles.

Notice that the High Priestess is engaged in divination practices. If you’ve been inclined to get a spiritual reading (for example a psychic, astrological, or mediumship reading), this is your sign to go for it. We could all use the aid of someone who is more experienced in these matters. As well, if you’ve been guided to learn divination practices yourself, start with the people you follow. Check out the kinds of classes they offer. I had mentioned in yesterday’s reading that mental pursuits, such as going back to school, or learning a new skill, would be very rewarding for you.

Tap in to your spiritual foundation today–maybe you don’t know what that is yet, so try with a simple meditation. Meditation allows us to quiet our overactive minds, to connect with our higher minds. When you do this, you tap in to your natural self–your most authentic you. You connect with your natural state of abundance, where you feel safe, and confident. It’s a wonderful experience, and I encourage you to do this as often as you can. You can simply start by sitting in a quiet space–silence your phone and any other distractions, and just focus on your breathing. I live in New York City and it is always loud. I realized that meditating quietly isn’t effective for me, so instead I incorporate soothing sounds. It helps me to focus on the sounds, such as waves, or singing bowls, to get into a meditative trance. You can easily find free guided meditations, or soothing sounds, if sitting in silence is not your thing.

Today’s card is a sign that the answers you need won’t just fall on your lap; you have to actively connect with Spirit to receive solutions. As well, pay attention to your dreams and any signs you receive, as these are ways your spirit team will communicate with you. Trust that you will gain valuable insight into your circumstances, and potentially even solutions you had never considered before.

Have a blessed day all!

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