Daily Tarot Reading-2/8/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! I’m back; easing in to the work. I am committing to continuing with the daily readings, but am halting my services for the time being. I am making sure to take care of myself and my needs.

I will say that there is a heightened sense of anxiety and tension; I’m sure you have felt it. Take it easy. Be gentle with yourself throughout this process. We are all learning to navigate a new reality; a new way of being and living. Make sure to reach out for help if you need it; trust that there are people in your life who want to support you, even if you haven’t met them yet.

We’re all experiencing a great unfolding, and it’s uncomfortable. It would be too easy to resist these changes, but they are happening whether we want them to or not. Just know that you are in alignment and even though things don’t feel like they make sense, they will soon. Trust in your growth.

There will be Harmony after the Chaos. Try today to shift your perspective to knowing there’s another option; another way, or perspective that you have yet to identify. There is always a solution, even if you haven’t become aware of it yet. Allow yourself to be guided to the answers you seek.

Breathe in the comfort and love of The Holy Mother, Mother Mary, and exhale your troubles. Let them go; you don’t need them anymore. Your needs are being met as we speak. Close your eyes and keep breathing in Love. Put a hand over your heart and tell yourself, all is well. You are safe.

Have a blessed day all!

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