Daily Tarot Reading-2/9/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! What does self-care mean to you? Right now you’re in a desert of your own making, and there’s nothing sustaining you there, but you keep going back unnecessarily so. You keep going back to those same thoughts, behaviors, and patterns that no longer serve you; why keep holding on?

It’s time to plant your seeds on fertile soil and let go of the spaces that won’t nourish you anymore–this can include relationships, positions, locations, etc. Whatever isn’t working in your life, are you willing to let it go? Answer this question and then ask yourself, Why? Why are you willing or not willing to let go? The deeper you dig, the closer you will get to the root of the problem.

I get it, change is intimidating, even blessed change can feel uncomfortable. But change is inevitable and it is a part of the human experience–knowing that, can you surrender a bit more to the changes currently taking shape in your life? Can you sit for a moment and just accept things as they are, even if only for 10 seconds at a time? You will find relief in acceptance, especially in accepting yourself just as you are in this moment. Accept yourself even if you feel lonely or scared. Acceptance is Love.

This is a time of trust and patience. Trust in your inner growth and evolution, and have patience with yourself as you learn to walk on this new path. There is a great power unfolding within yourself; this power is expanding your mind, your thoughts, your awareness, and even your consciousness. Because of this empowerment you will experience shifts such as surges in creativity, but be warned. You can use this creativity to create more of what you want, or more of what you don’t want. It’s important at this time to engage in mental activities that allow your mind to be useful–to solve a problem that you can benefit from. This would be a great time to brainstorm if you, for example, have been wanting to start a business. This would also be a good time to learn something new, as long as it’s something that keeps you interested and engaged.

Clarity will also be high at this time. As long as you can tap in, through meditation for example, you will receive greater understanding and a fresh perspective on your circumstances. One other thing that has helped me is learning about alternative healing methods, such as EFT, or acupuncture. Because we are in the age of Aquarius, mental pursuits in new and innovative areas will be ideal. And because we are in Mercury retrograde, you will want to be selective of what you choose to put into your mind–thoughts and ideas. Be selective about what your mind consumes, and yes that also includes social media.

You are stronger than you think, and you have what it takes to overcome any challenge.

Love you and have a blessed day!

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