Daily Tarot Reading-2/12/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Stillness continues to be the message. Energetically we are in “Winter”–this is a time of rest and reflection, and even more so at this time during Mercury in re-trograde. Many of us may be experiencing ghosts from the past which have come back to haunt us–or maybe have come back to help us? It’s all a matter of perspective.

We are in the age, and season of Aquarius, and just recently experienced a New Moon in Aquarius. Uranus, its ruler, is all about shaking things up. Your boat may have been rocked much harder than you would have liked, but this is an opportune moment for you. Whatever your main challenge or circumstance is right now, is part of this shake-up–while it’s in your present, what can you learn from it? Be vigilant and dig deep. You need to really analyze the situation to get a better handle, in case this is a pattern you will repeat in the future.

Part of Uranus’s shake-up, aligned with Mercury’s backward dance, may include circumstances re-appearing in your life–things you have yet to address; lessons which still have to be fully learned. Uranus is all about challenging the status-quo; breaking down your restrictions, values, thoughts, even way of being. This is a time of great liberation. Again, take everything you can from this–be present with it. And yes, it will soon pass. Hold on for a bit longer. Trust that this is all for your benefit, even if it feels like sh#t!

While you’re in this period of re-flection, try not to start anything new. This is not the time for that kind of action, in fact consider conserving your energy as much as you can. In Winter nature hibernates, to make way for new life in the Spring. Put your grand ideas and notions on ice for now–it’s OK to visualize and analyze, but not necessarily to begin strategizing. Instead focus on your self-care. Integrate a new wellness practice into your routine, such as meditation, to help you stay balanced and grounded.

Accept things as they are, including accepting yourself as you are. Know that Winter will give way to Spring, but while we’re here let’s make the most of it. Take it easy loves.

Have a blessed day all!

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