Daily Tarot Reading-2/14/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Thank you God (Source, Universe, etc) for this break in the clouds! All storms give way to rainbows and brighter days. Today is a day of fulfillment and joy. Try your best to let go of whatever happened yesterday and before that; today is a new day–a clean slate.

I know it’s easier said than done to let go of the past. Our bodies hold on to the memories of strong sensations felt; sometimes we may even feel emotions from the past when we are reminded of things that occurred before. It happens. Today just observe yourself if that happens; acknowledge that your body and mind are remembering something from before, and then let it pass. There’s no need to engage with it further. You have the opportunity now to experience something new.

Allow yourself to be purified; cleansed by the Holy Waters of the Universe. You have overcome a great lesson and challenge. You are now strengthened in ways you never before imagined. As well, blessings are on the way. Gifts from the Divine are making their way to you now. For many these gifts will be physical in nature; something to ease your burdens. Possibly a new job or new source of income, or unexpected money coming your way. For others, this will be a new opportunity which will help you feel aligned with your purpose. It may be an idea or role. Whatever the case, your cup will overflow with gratitude for these gifts.

Today is one for miracles; anything can happen, so believe that you will be healed. Believe that everything will work in your favor. Believe that all is being taken care of for you. Go with the flow, wherever these blessings lead you. You are a new person having a new experience; living a new life. Be open to receive!

Have a blessed day all!

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