Daily Tarot Reading-2/16/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! The past few readings have been talking about gifts being received–today know that your prayers for financial support are being answered in new and unexpected ways. Remain in positive expectation that your needs will always be met.

We are moving away from financial hardships. You may have recently experienced a challenging time with respect to your materials needs, but remember there is always something to be grateful for, and look forward to. I say that because it’s very easy to feel down on our luck, and messages like these are always reflected in our outer world. Your thoughts manifest your reality. So instead of thinking “I’m broke”, think something like “Abundance is on the way” instead. You’ll want to continuously shift your perspective in order to shift your vibes. Manifesting is all about vibrations; what signals are you sending out to the Universe?

This is a card of happy surprises and gifts; of the Universe showering you with prosperity. Stay open to receive by being grateful for what you currently have in your life; gratitude opens the doors to Abundance. You’ll also want to state affirmations or mantras throughout the day, or visualize what prosperity and success looks like for you. Again, it’s all about being in alignment to receive the help you need.

Oftentimes help comes in the form of a person, so be willing to accept help if it comes your way from someone else. Don’t allow the ego stories to create obstacles preventing you from receiving. For example, you may feel guilt or shame for accepting help from another; I know because I’ve been there before. But there’s no shame in receiving Love, and that is what God is always sending your way.

Whatever this gift is coming your way, enjoy it fully. Let this gift allow you to have a moment of celebration and joy. Have a blessed day all!

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