Daily Tarot Reading-2/17/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! The number ‘5’ represents growth and changes; transitions. Today’s card acknowledges that though the current transition from one state to another may be uncomfortable, it is necessary for your evolution.

There may be something you were used to doing that is no longer working as is. This is the case for most of us, who have had a hard transition as a result of the pandemic; not being able to socialize freely, for example. You might be grappling with this change and wish for things to go back to the way they were. Though this has been a challenging time, what have you learned about yourself and the way you view the world? How can you utilize this moment to your advantage?

This is a time to be open to differing opinions and advice; you may receive the solution you need, but it might arrive in a form you were not necessarily wanting. Be open to the opportunities which come your way, which may appear disguised as a challenge. This is a moment of great growth for you, especially if you’ve been wanting to break out of the routine–recall that we are still in Aquarius season and Uranus is making sure we are aware of all perspectives, even if they are in conflict with our own. This is a time to break free of what is stagnant and uninspiring; by being different and trying different, you will get different results. This message is especially useful if you’ve been in a creative rut.

We’re all heading towards new adventures; new ways of living and being. Even if the things from the past, which are no longer here, were good, wouldn’t you rather make way for something better? Life is all about flow and movement; transitions are as natural as the changes in seasons. Have Faith that you are being led towards your destiny, and answered prayers. The energy will give way to brighter days. Remember that everything is temporary, whether tough or easy, and this key piece of information will allow you to surf with the current of the Universe.

Have a blessed day all!

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