Welcome my friends! My name is Harmony; I am an Energy Healer and Spiritual Counselor, and I work with people looking to figure out their life purpose. I help you find more confidence to go for the things you love. I help my clients manifest more Miracles and Abundance into their lives
I primarily work with High Vibrational energies (think Angels, Saints, Ascended Masters). I also use tools to connect with the Divine, such as Oracle Cards. You can learn more about me as you browse through the pages of this humble sanctuary. Be sure to follow so you can receive daily readings to your inbox (you can find the follow option on the menu to the right or below). 


Daily Readings

  • Daily Tarot Reading-2/26/2021
    Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Your very first love is the love of self. If you can’t or don’t love yourself, you cannot love anyone else. If you don’t know yourself, you cannot know anyone else. So if you are struggling in the romance department, the first place to look at is within your own self. The current Venus vibes are asking us to really … Continue reading Daily Tarot Reading-2/26/2021
  • Daily Tarot Reading-2/25/2021
    Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Today’s card represents the clouds and shadows that have no substance, but yet we give so much meaning to. These illusions manifest in the form of self-doubt, unworthiness, criticism, fear, etc…So if and when the goblins appear today (or at any time), ask them, what message do you have for me? You’ll want to confront them rather than avoid them, … Continue reading Daily Tarot Reading-2/25/2021
  • Daily Tarot Reading-2/24/2021
    Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Today’s message is about giving and receiving; are you more of a giver or more of a receiver? Really observe and question at which point do you fall between the two. Pay attention to how much you give to yourself, and to others. You have stubbornly refused to ask for the help you need, or have refused help that has … Continue reading Daily Tarot Reading-2/24/2021
  • Daily Tarot Reading-2/23/2021
    Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Our bodies, minds, and souls hold on to so much emotional weight. Whenever there’s an excess, it needs a release, and often this release manifests in unexpected ways, such as with health issues. Think of today as an emotional de-cluttering day. It’s time to become more aware of how much you hold on to, and how much you need to … Continue reading Daily Tarot Reading-2/23/2021