Daily Tarot Reading-2/26/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Your very first love is the love of self. If you can’t or don’t love yourself, you cannot love anyone else. If you don’t know yourself, you cannot know anyone else. So if you are struggling in the romance department, the first place to look at is within your own self.

The current Venus vibes are asking us to really consider what we think about ourselves, and how we treat ourselves. Venus is about love in all forms, asking us to inject more self-love into our daily lives. Venus is asking us to treat ourselves with honor and respect; the way we should be treated by others. As well, this is a moment to reconsider the current commitments in your life.

What are your top three priorities right now? And do the priorities in your head match with your outer circumstances? In other words, are you committed to something in word but not in action? When you say you love someone, for example, are you also showing them love? Are you also showing up for them when they need you? Now think about the people currently in your life; do they show up for you? Are they showing you that they love you? Whatever isn’t working needs to be released, to make room for stronger love to show up.

Your intuition is at an all-time high right now, with us being in Pisces season and experiencing a Full Moon this weekend. Use this heightened sense of intuition to make better decisions. If something isn’t feeling right, go with that feeling and find out where it leads. If something isn’t working out, don’t fight the flow–sometimes a chapter needs to be closed in order for a new one to start. Don’t be discouraged if this means that the doors on certain relationships will close. It’s natural for us to grow, and also grow apart, as we experience change. You may not be at the same level anymore, or have the same enthusiasm as before. Yes there’s always room for compromise, but what you can never compromise on is the love of self. If you have to compromise who you are to belong to someone else, know that kind of commitment isn’t worth having. You deserve more and better.

If you’re single and feeling lonely, don’t just settle for a smile from whoever crosses your path. Listen to your intuition before moving forward with a new partner, and actually take the time to get to know someone before committing to them–all that glitters isn’t gold. The same principle holds true for a job or business opportunity; do your research.

Many of us are being led to a soul partnership, which is kind of like an agreement we made before coming onto this plane of existence. Now, not all soul partnerships end up being the best for us, so in this case we may never meet that person. As well, you may meet this person and decide you don’t want them in your life–you have the free will to choose that as well. But regardless which path you choose, we are all being led to more fulfilling partnerships–ones that are a vibrational match for us. So again, don’t be discouraged if you recently ended things with someone–something better is on the way!

Have a blessed day all!

Daily Tarot Reading-2/25/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Today’s card represents the clouds and shadows that have no substance, but yet we give so much meaning to. These illusions manifest in the form of self-doubt, unworthiness, criticism, fear, etc…So if and when the goblins appear today (or at any time), ask them, what message do you have for me? You’ll want to confront them rather than avoid them, to clearly see their true form (which is nothing).

You may think avoidance will be the best choice to take when goblins take shape in your life, but you would be mistaken. You can’t avoid them or distract yourself from them. The more you try to pass them off, the louder their voices become, until they become so loud they are all you listen to. Shine a light on them and ask them what they want with you. Goblins are not your enemy; they represent a wounded part of you. When they stop by for a chat, it’s really you chatting with yourself, and that’s where the healing process begins. So if you feel triggered by something, and a goblin manifests, learn what you can from it. When you can name your fear, you reclaim your power.

These little tricksters can also pop up whenever you need to have some more fun in your life. I know during these trying times fun can seem like something from a long ago past, but there’s something you can do to inject a little giggle here and there. Laughter is one of the best weapons against these goblins. Find your laughter again, even if you have to pretend laugh to remind yourself what it feels like. Make time for play today–be silly, like you were as a child. If you live with children, observe how they play and see if you can participate. These little teachers know how to find fun.

By loosening up and allowing these shadow moments to pass (as you learn from the experiences), you are also removing obstacles from your path. You are clearing the way for Abundance to find you–for better opportunities, jobs, income, etc. Know that whatever darkness you are experiencing, is temporary, and is also here for a reason. Find the value in the present moment, and you will find a great treasure.

Have a blessed day all!

Daily Tarot Reading-2/24/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Today’s message is about giving and receiving; are you more of a giver or more of a receiver? Really observe and question at which point do you fall between the two. Pay attention to how much you give to yourself, and to others.

You have stubbornly refused to ask for the help you need, or have refused help that has come your way. Believe it or not, you may have done this unconsciously, which is why you’re being asked today to become aware of what you are open to, and what you push away. As we get closer to this weekend’s Full Moon you are being asked to speak your needs. Voice your concerns. Ask for what you need. Ask for your needs to be met by Spirit. Ask for your needs to be met by your loved ones. If you don’t ask, you won’t get.

Don’t feel like you’d be a burden for asking for help. There are plenty of resources and opportunities for all! Abundance is for us all, and you have your Divine Inheritance to tap in to. There are plenty who love and care for you, and will support you in the best way they can. Now, today’s message has another meaning as well. If you are expecting to be helped in a specific way, this is where you are creating your own obstacles.

Help will manifest for you in the best way. The form is up to the Universe, not up to you. Be open and flexible with how your needs are met and in what form help arrives in. Sometimes the package may not be the most luxurious but it will do what it needs to do. Be open to receiving the support you need in all ways. Yes it’s OK to say No to something you feel is not for you, BUT please at least consider it first, before shutting it down. This could, for example, apply to a situation regarding work or a relationship. Maybe the job doesn’t pay as much as the previous one, but it’s steady income. Maybe this new relationship isn’t as (fill in the blank) as the last one, but in what other areas does it feel fulfilling? Be willing and open to receive in the form that is in your best interest.

Do you give back as much as you take? In recent conversations you’ve had with loved ones, have you made it all about you? Or did you stop to ask how the other person was feeling? Have you been on the receiving end of an endless conversation about someone else’s problems? Practice finding a balance between how much you give and how much you receive. When you give, do so wholeheartedly, and not because you’re expecting something in return.

There are always multiple solutions, even if you can only perceive one path of the road. Allow yourself to be guided. Speak up from your heart and then stop to listen to the messages that come your way.

Have a blessed day all!