From the “Everyday Witch” Tarot app, by Deborah Blake (art by Elisabeth Alba)

Though I feel like my spiritual journey formally began in 2010, it really has been much longer than that.
I remember having very vivid dreams and “supernatural” experiences as a child and teenager, which only became more intense as a young adult. And because I’ve always been curious and inquisitive (not to mention resourceful), I went out looking for answers.
I’ve had so many ups and downs in my life. I’ve aIways been a “go-getter” and have tried to succeed at so many different things, but just ended up FAILING more times than I can count. Each time depleting my reserves and confidence. But something inside me just had to keep going and keep trying. So I’d pick myself back up and try again…here I am trying again, BUT…this time is so different!

A while back ago I started accepting my “failures” and turning them into VICTORIES. I started experiencing so many miracles in my life, that really, were always there…it just took a shift in perspective to accept them into my reality. I’ve learned so much and all I want to do is share and teach! I just wanna help people live their best; feel their best, and receive their best. The power is in your hands!