Daily Tarot Reading-2/23/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Our bodies, minds, and souls hold on to so much emotional weight. Whenever there’s an excess, it needs a release, and often this release manifests in unexpected ways, such as with health issues. Think of today as an emotional de-cluttering day. It’s time to become more aware of how much you hold on to, and how much you need to let go of.

I spoke to a counselor once who spoke to me about tears. I am not one to cry much, or at least not around others. It honestly makes me feel a bit weak and vulnerable to cry, but sometimes that’s exactly what I need. This counselor told me that tears are a way for the body to release stress hormones, so tears were necessary to finding peace and balance. I don’t know about you but when I have a good cry, I always feel better afterwards. I’m not telling you to cry today, but if you feel called to do so, let it out.

You can find other ways to cleanse yourself from emotional baggage that is no longer relevant to your life. Old hurts and betrayals. Feelings of failure or unfulfilled expectations. Guilt, shame…there’s so much. But the point here is that you don’t need to dig real deep to pull up some things that need to be let go of. I bet there’s plenty already coming to the surface. This is an opportunity of great healing for you. We will be experiencing a Full Moon in Virgo this week, asking us to “clean house”, but in this case it’s related to the house within us. Scrub your internal walls clean of the gunk that’s been holding you back.

You can cleanse and purify yourself in a number of ways. First, body–dedicate some time to plan out a detox for yourself–cleansing your body from the inside out. It can be for a week, but anything you do now for your health you will be grateful for later. Your mind–meditation is at the top of my list with this one. Thoughts can feel so heavy and overpowering at times, so you want to find the space within yourself to allow things to be–to allow thoughts to come and go without giving up so much of your personal power to them. Meditation and mindfulness can help with this. You can listen to free meditations on Youtube, or I highly recommend the “Headspace” app. You can do a free trial and check it out; if you’re a student they have a great discount. I’ve been doing a 10-minute meditation every morning and I find that it helps me not give in so much to the anxious thoughts.

Detoxing the heart…this may probably be the most challenging task because you have to be willing to forgive; yourself, and others. Forgiveness is healing and is for closure. You may never forget what happened, but you can release it into the past. Ask yourself if you are willing to forgive today; willingness is all you need–you don’t even need to know how to do it. Divine guidance will show you the way once you ask for help.

Lastly, a spiritual detox. You can do this by cleansing your energy–my favorite way to do this is by soaking in Epsom Salt, or Pink Salt. You can also light some palo santo, or sprinkle Holy Water…many ways to clear your energy. Having crystals and plants in your space are also great ways to absorb negative vibes. We pick up so much energy on a daily basis, so clearing yourself regularly is necessary.

Consider what role you’ve played in causing someone else harm. Even if you don’t think you’ve wronged anyone, assume you did. We’ve all done, thought, or said something to someone else, even unconsciously. Step outside of your own problems and thoughts, and do some good for others when you can. Be generous and give others of your time, and even monetary contributions. Support small business and nonprofits doing good for the world, especially if you feel you need a karmic boost.

Have a blessed day all!

Daily Tarot Reading-2/22/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Clarity of thoughts and intentions are yours today. Today is a new day and new beginning, and is also the best time to start working on a new project, or goal.

Being that Mercury has gone direct, now is the opportune time to start up those intentions you put on hold during the retrograde. Any new agreements or deals can now be brokered. If you’re looking for a new job or opportunity, make it happen. You have the power to manifest whatever you want–just know that the form of your manifestations is not up to you. You’ll always receive what you need, or something better.

You have the skills, talent, and knowledge to be successful in whatever you endeavor to work on–you’ve done the work and have learned the lessons. You are a Master now, and as such can focus on creating more of what you want in your life. You also have the wisdom to share with others, what you have learned. If you’ve considered becoming a teacher or coach of some sort, now’s your chance to get out there and teach the world what it needs to know from you.

Be proud of yourself for how far you’ve come. Like seriously take a minute to just celebrate yourself. Hug yourself. Smile at yourself. Tell yourself how proud you are of everything you’ve done, accomplished, and learned. Do something to celebrate you today; it can be buying yourself a small token–a reminder of this stage in your life, or just being in awe of how amazing you are. You really deserve the best! Trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Use where you are today to propel you into where you want to be tomorrow.

The world is yours–choose the life of your dreams. And by dreams I’m not talking about fantasies; I mean things you feel could happen for you. You need to have a bit of faith that your dreams will come true, in order to nourish their growth, so make sure they are circumstances you believe you can receive. When trying to make a decision today, choose what helps you feel light, but also make sure to choose from a grounded place. For example, maybe you want to move but you don’t have the funds to do so. Brainstorm on what you can do to manifest the move, but also know that it may mean you’ll need to wait a little longer before you can actually relocate. It’s all about balance.

Have a blessed day all!

Daily Tarot Reading-2/21/2021

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! We’re finally out of Mercury Retrograde, though there’s still a little shadow period lurking for the next week. I don’t know about you but this MR almost took me out! It was a strong one for sure, along with the other planetary alignments.

Part of MR’s “charm” is re-visiting lessons from the past. In today’s case, you may soon hear from someone from your past, or you’ve been thinking about someone who is no longer in your life. The Pisces Sun can have us in a bit of a foggy haze, remembering things inaccurately; maybe you think things could have gone differently, for example, or you may be considering giving someone another chance. Wait a little longer before acting on any impulses; Mercury’s shadow along with dreamy Pisces can muddle your discernment. Soon we’ll all be out of the fog, and be clear on what to do next.

But consider what this time of re-visiting means to you. Sit with whatever comes up because it means it has yet to be healed; this needs closure. For many of you, this time of nostalgia may be in reference to the “good old days” pre-pandemic. Trust me, we are on the same boat. Many of us yearning for the times we used to travel with ease, and go out to socialize…well that’s not to say we won’t have that again, it may just be done differently. Whatever the case, the past is the past and you can’t change what once was. Stay present with your circumstances. Try to find the beauty and joy in the here and now. But if you just can’t seem the shake the past, throw yourself a little “past party”.

In this “past party” go ahead and indulge in the feeling to go back in time. Go through pictures, think back on the good times, watch old videos, put on some music from back then. And then when you’re done, be done. Thank those memories and moments for what they meant to you, and then decide you are ready to move forward. Moving on doesn’t mean those memories and feelings won’t be there, it just means you’re not sitting stuck in the past. There’s a whole lotta living to do, and it’s here in the present. Find a way to come back to what is, so that you can also look ahead with hope to the future…not because things are “bad” here, but because you know that whatever is going on today will have a conclusion. Everything does.

Trust that Spirit has better plans for you; get excited for what’s to come! Have a blessed day all!